News generation and creative consultancy

The best results are attained with collaboration from the start. Broadcast PR is widely assumed to be an extension of print media relations, but BDB assures you it is entirely different.

By working with you from the start of a campaign, we advise how your print campaign and the broadcast campaign can symbiotically work and grow together to create the most compelling story to hit your ‘gold star’ coverage across all media outlets.

Within the broadcast outlets, there are different needs and criteria, and we know the requirements of particular presenters or producers, so our sell-in is tailored and precise. We are not in the business of throwing spaghetti at a wall with the hope of seeing it stick!

Increasing campaign coverage with market research

The BBC’s regional broadcasting has a remit to cover 80% local news.

How do you localise your story?

Consumer market research. It ensures national stories are also relevant to regional audiences and therefore covered by regional broadcast outlets. The research is yours to activate across the print media outlets too attaining similar results.

BDB provides suggested headline creation, scripting of research questions, consumer polling, and analysis of data once collated, ensuring you have the strongest possible statistics and headlines to support your campaign across all media outlets.

Video production tailored for broadcast PR

Broadcasters are online too. How better to extend your campaign than through a video asset to place online and in social media, to support your print and broadcast campaign?

If/when we advise that a video asset is useful, we support with all aspects of video production – from B-Roll creation to aid TV sell-in, to editorial video placed online and across social media.

There is no video too big or small and we always advise on the storyboard to ensure the video you create will meet the requirements of your targeted outlets.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Video content is one of the best tactics for SEO. 

When looking to place video online, we offer strategic advice via our sister company Be-Different LTD.

Through Be-Different LTD, we can advise on how to tap into a range of SEO opportunities including social media advertising, creation of micro sites to support individual campaigns, consultation on existing website SEO and advice on how to make video assets work their hardest for your campaign.

How can we help you?

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